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Home of Phillumeny - The Meeting Place For All Collectors

The Home of Phillumeny

Phillumeny as many will know is the name given to the hobby of collecting matchboxes, matchbox labels and related materials. Whilst the collecting of match related hardware and matchbooks or matchcovers is broadly part of the same hobby, each area of collecting has it’s own name.

This web site has been created as a "Meeting Place" for any or all who have an interest or passion for the hobby. It has been created to be both educational and informative and also to be a place of reference. The web site has been designed with simplicity in mind and any area of the web site can be expanded upon exponentially. The limit to the amount of information available will only be restricted by the lack of input from those who view it's pages.

To keep the web site as simplistic as possible, I have divided it into two distinct areas, namely Administrational and Subject. Naturally, as the name implies, the Administrational Area relates to the functionality of the web site whereas the Subject Area relates to all the different aspects of the hobby categorised by subject titles. More detailed information about those areas is given immediately below!

Design Structure & Navigation Within The Site

Access to Administrational & Subject Areas
The Home Page is the page you are viewing and is the Default Opening Page of the web site. The site has been built using what is known as a ‘Master Page’. This page defines the composition of all the pages on the web site that function by using the software programme “Net Objects Fusion”. A complete description of the functionality of the Master Page is explained in full within the Admin Pages. However, suffice to say that for the majority of pages on the web site, the Left Side Frame is always visible and operational.

There are currently 6 Administrational and 22 Individual Subject Area Menu Tabs. Each Menu Tab in the Left Menu Bar of the web site has a number enclosed within square brackets. This number indicates the total subareas {but not total pages - which can be many more} that is accessible via that menu bar tab. Where the only number displayed is [1], then that area will load into the browser when that menu tab is clicked. However, where the number is more than one, it indicates that there are subareas to that Menu Bar Tab.

If for example a number [5] is displayed, it indicates that besides the 1st area page which is viewable by clicking on the Left Menu Bar Tab, another 4 subareas are accessible via the ‘Fly Out’ Menu Bar which becomes visible when moving your mouse over the 1st area page. It is important however to understand that before opening any of the subareas, the 1st area page should be loaded into the browser as this page often explains what the subareas are all about!

A number of visual aids are incorporated within the design of the web site so that visitors can quickly identify what areas or pages are being viewed. By default, the background colour of the Menu Bar Tab for the web page being viewed is Pale Violet whilst the text is Dark Violet. For web pages that are not loaded into the browser, the background colour of the Menu Bar Tab is Dark Violet and the text is white.

Administrational Area Links
The Administrational Pages of which there are 12 have been for simplicity, locateFEDE_118_00188d within the first 6 Menu Bar Tabs and the subject  matter
of those tabs is clearly detailed in the text associated with each of them. The structure and navigation of the site is fully explained within these Administrational Area Pages and particular emphasis is made to how the different Subject Areas are loaded into the visitors browser and how they should be closed so as to avoid closing the connection to the web site completely. All visitors are urged to read these pages before attempting to explore the web site proper. In principal, this only needs to be done once as the visitor should very quickly become accustomed to the structure and navigation of the site. However, whilst the first three tabs relate to subject matter and are not subject to change, the other three being 'Site Contents', 'Glossary of Terms' and 'Latest Updates', are all Administrational Pages which are updated on a regular basis and therefore, repeat visitors should look at them from time to time to see  what has been updated and what has changed. 

Subject Area Links 
There are currently 22 Subject Area Menu Tabs and the subject matter for each of them is clearly detailed in the text associated with each of them.  However, opening one web page after another on a web site gradually chokes the browser and slows the loading of pages and the viewing of material within those pages.  Therefore, to prevent this choking, the Subject Areas are generally opened in a new browser window whilst the sub areas are loaded into the same browser window.  The different methods used are fully explained in the Administrational Area Links to which after reading the Further Information below, I would ask that you direct your attention.

Further Information

Whilst the web site is not in the true sense interactive like for example 'Wikipedia', it is hoped that those who are the true 'Experts of the Hobby' will come forward and submit articles for publication for the benefit of all.

As time permits, visitors will be able to view a variety of material associated with the hobby such as 'News Clips', 'Front Covers of Society Magazines', 'Encyclopaedia Pages', 'Research Articles' and more.  The list can be endless with the support of fellow collectors.

I have created a Real Time On-line eCommerce Store where labels and associated material can be purchased at sensible prices from anywhere in the world, irrespective of currency type, using the Payment Processor - PayPal.  The store gives collectors worldwide the unique experience of being able to purchase singly and/or in sets labels that they would otherwise find difficult to obtain, plus also obtaining a variety of other materials directly associated with the hobby.  It should be noted that all transactions are undertaken on PayPal’s own Secure Server and not on the stores web site, thus giving the purchaser unrivaled security of that well respected company. 

The SussexFEDE_118_00192 Matchbox Labels eCommerce Store has recently undergone a major refit and since 6th January 2011 has been accessible 24 hours a day.  Being that the store uses databases and is integrated with outside financial organisations means that major elements of it run through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) server.  This means that all personal details and transactions are encrypted before being transmitted.  Consequently, the store has its own home on the web and this can be accessed if this is your first visit to this web site by clicking on the following link:  The store is also accessible via the eCommerce Store Menu Tab in the Left Hand Menu Bar, and it is that link that you should use for any future visits you may make.  Please note that clicking on the link above will take you away from this web site and will open the eCommerce Store in a new browser window on top of this page.

The majority of web sites on the internet are only uploaded once they are complete. However, I decided from the very beginning that the construction and population of The Home of Phillumeny Web Site should be an ongoing process that visitors can experience first hand. Consequently at this time, various areas of the site display ‘Under Construction’.

Gradually as time and resources permit, each area will be populated. Therefore, for the benefit of returning visitors, an ‘Updates Area’ has been created - 6th Menu Bar Tab - 'Latest Updates'.  As pages are amended, updated or created, the details are displayed in that area.  Every page is numbered and is listed numerically in the order lowest to highest in the Updates Area.  A small 'new' icon is displayed for approximately two weeks where changes have been made to pages.

Important Note:  This web site has been designed primarily for Internet Explorer albeit, it runs fault free in many other browsers as well.  However, to display properly, it requires Java Script and Active 'X' Controls to be installed and functional.   The Main Menu Navigation Bar to the left uses Java Script and unless it is installed, you will be unable to access some of the facilities that the site has to offer.

In conclusion, it is recommended that you check back often as the site is continually being updated!!

Thank you for your interest and I hope to have your company again very soon.

Production History
First Produced on 18th November 2007
Completely Revamped & Updated on 15th February 2011


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